zone management plus automatic "nsupdate"

Christian Ruppert idl0r at
Sun Nov 28 11:25:24 UTC 2010

Hey guys,

we have many zones and a few admins who are able to edit those. Now
we're looking for a good and free solution to a) track who changed what
and b) to update the zone afterwards.

So we thought using git with a update hook could be a good one.
With git we can see who changed what and when and the hook could use
"git diff" with a simple diff parser to get the lines that shall be
updated by nsupdate.

-ns <ttl> IN A <ip>
+ns <ttl> IN A <newip>

The first line would be used for "update delete" and the second one for
"update add".

Of course it takes some time realize this properly so my question is: Is
there already something equivalent?
Or do you guys have a better idea? How do you manage your zones?

Christian Ruppert
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