ipv6 implementation in an ipv4 camp

Mike Mackintosh mike.mackintosh at angrystatic.com
Fri Sep 10 18:25:03 UTC 2010

Although its not perfect, you can look into IP protocol 41 which is IPv6 in IPv4. Helps provide some functionality in a last resort case.

Jim Pazarena <bind at paz.bz> wrote:

>I am curious if anyone can point out articles or deeper instructions
>regarding an implementation and launch of ipv6 in a fully ipv4 camp?
>If the upstream ISP still provides the end user an ipv4 number
>as a gateway, and the end user still has a /24 or /23 assigned by
>the ISP, need they be concerned with ipv6?
>would the ipv4 /23 subnet be 'translatable' to a corresponding
>ipv6 number?
>Any source documents would be greatly appreciated.
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