big improvement in BIND9 auth-server startup time

J. Thomsen list at
Tue Aug 9 17:08:18 UTC 2011

On Wed, 03 Aug 2011 15:45:25 -0500,Barry Finkel <bsfinkel at> wrote:

>I did not see any improvement in start-up time. 

Neither did I at my first test on a primarily slave DNS with raw format zonefiles

Next test was on a master and slave with 60K small different zones.

The master now loaded about 650 zones/sec.
The slave did not change from the usual 120 zones/sec.

Difference ?
Task pool 599.
Hardware should be the same.

The master is loading text format zone files.
The slave is loading raw format zone files.

Somebody should check, if there is something in raw format files, which is slowing things
down. CPU and I/O seemed to be used very moderately.

- Jørgen Thomsen

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