.TLD minimum number of nameservers rule

Anand Buddhdev anandb at ripe.net
Mon Dec 12 14:32:00 UTC 2011

On 12/12/2011 15:19, nudgemac at fastmail.fm wrote:

> Sorry if this is slightly off-topic
> I've just discovered that the TLD where I've registered my domain requires a minimum of 2 nameservers 
> for any subdomain, which is very sensible but I happen to have a special case on my hands.
> So I'd like to register a new domain elsewhere where they will allow a single nameserver execpt...
> I cant seem to find out what the rules are for other TLDs. *before* registering.
> Some kindly advise would be most welcome.

I suspect that most, if not all registries will require you to provide
at least 2 name servers, because this is highly recommended in one of
the RFCs (forget which one now). It will be quite unusual to find a TLD
which allows just one name server for a delegation.

If your special domain doesn't need to be under a TLD, then you can
create your own delegation for it in a domain you control, with just one
name server if you like.


Anand Buddhdev

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