.TLD minimum number of nameservers rule

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Or you could simply put a virtual IP address on the same name server (and any NATting required) and put it in as your second at the registrar.

That is to say the Registrar would see the same name server with two different names and IPs so wouldn't know it was the same name server.

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> Sorry if this is slightly off-topic
> I've just discovered that the TLD where I've registered my domain requires a minimum of 2 nameservers
> for any subdomain, which is very sensible but I happen to have a special case on my hands.
> So I'd like to register a new domain elsewhere where they will allow a single nameserver execpt...
> I cant seem to find out what the rules are for other TLDs. *before* registering.
> Some kindly advise would be most welcome.

I suspect that most, if not all registries will require you to provide
at least 2 name servers, because this is highly recommended in one of
the RFCs (forget which one now). It will be quite unusual to find a TLD
which allows just one name server for a delegation.

If your special domain doesn't need to be under a TLD, then you can
create your own delegation for it in a domain you control, with just one
name server if you like.


Anand Buddhdev
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