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> Actually I just found what caused it not to work ; I have forwarders
> set ; If I comment-out the forwarders line ; then everything work as
> it should
> Can't delegation works if forwarders are enabled ?

No.  When you have forwarders configured, it means "When you need to 
recurse to answer a query, forward the query to the forwarders instead 
of following delegation records."

Why did you configure forwarders in the first place if your server can 
follow delegations?  Do you think there's a difference between 
delegations from your own zone (you want to follow) and delegations from 
the root (you want to use the forwarders)?

You can override the general forwarders option by configuring a 
forwarding zone:

zone "" {
  type forward;
  forwarders {};

The empty forwarders clause in here disables forwarders, so it follows 

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