multi-master with mysql backend

Gary Wallis wgg1970 at
Tue Feb 8 15:28:58 UTC 2011

fddi wrote:
> thank you for hte thread you pointed me.
> Actaully I do not have performance issue, but I just need DNS multi-master.
> I could succesfully apply mysql-bind patches.
> I have only one zone with few hosts.
> thank you very much
> Riccardo
> On 2/8/11 3:30 PM, Terry. wrote:
>> 2011/2/8 fddi<fddi at>:
>>> I have considered dlz, but it does mocu more than simply mysql 
>>> backend and
>>> seems too way complicate for my porpouse.
>>> At hte end I am considering using this mysql-bind:
>> You may read this one of the mailing list archive:
>> Terry.
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A nice way to deal with what Riccardo's needs is to use ISC BIND 
configured statically (keeps all advantages of a pure BIND system) but 
from a MySQL database that has web apps for end users to manage their 
own zone data. BIND was not meant for end users with little to no DNS 
expertise to manage their RRs. Some middleware is required.

This is not a new concept but developed from pure dynamic websites to 
ones that "printed" static copies of their pages -now proxies are also 
used as well as memcache for SQL query caching.

See wikipedia for dns management software.


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