multi-master with mysql backend

Steve Arntzen isc at
Wed Feb 9 14:48:09 UTC 2011

>>> I need really something very simple:
>>> I have 2 domain name servers, I need them to be multi-master
>> Please explain -- *why* do you need multimaster?
>I need to be able to update the nameserver even if one of the two 
>masters is down, I need this
>for High Avaliability purposes for services geographycally distriuted

>If I do not have a multimaster architecture and primary nameserver
>down, I Cannot update the secondary
>if I need to.


How about rsync?

I too need a second master in an alternate location, only in the event
of a catastrophe (loss of a data center).  There are active slaves with
dynamic zones in both locations.  Any of the slaves can use either
master, but by default, they use the one listed first in named.conf
which is the master in the main location.  If the first master
disappears, the slaves will use the other master.

Simplicity is important to me as well and that's why I chose rsync to
periodically get the zone data (and configs) to the master in the
secondary location.  I looked into MySQL (which I use for other
purposes), but the solution was no longer simple.


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