multi-master with mysql backend

fddi fddi at
Thu Feb 10 00:12:04 UTC 2011

I could succesfully setup bind with mysql backend and it works using 
bind-mysql driver.

everything works except that nsupdate will no longer work.

is this normal ??

requests sent for adding a RR using nsupdate are ignored by named when 
using mysqldb backend
while they are honoured and served when using normal file backend.

is this a normal behaviour ?

how to use nsupdate even if with a different backend which is not the 
default  file backend ?

any hints ?

thank you


On 2/9/11 3:48 PM, Steve Arntzen wrote:
>>>> I need really something very simple:
>>>> I have 2 domain name servers, I need them to be multi-master
>>> Please explain -- *why* do you need multimaster?
>> I need to be able to update the nameserver even if one of the two
>> masters is down, I need this
>> for High Avaliability purposes for services geographycally distriuted
>> If I do not have a multimaster architecture and primary nameserver
>> goes
>> down, I Cannot update the secondary
>> if I need to.
> ----------------------------------------------------
> How about rsync?
> I too need a second master in an alternate location, only in the event
> of a catastrophe (loss of a data center).  There are active slaves with
> dynamic zones in both locations.  Any of the slaves can use either
> master, but by default, they use the one listed first in named.conf
> which is the master in the main location.  If the first master
> disappears, the slaves will use the other master.
> Simplicity is important to me as well and that's why I chose rsync to
> periodically get the zone data (and configs) to the master in the
> secondary location.  I looked into MySQL (which I use for other
> purposes), but the solution was no longer simple.
> Steve.
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