syntax/format of zone on slave $ORIGIN/paragraph - sorted?

Chris Thompson cet1 at
Wed Feb 9 17:38:44 UTC 2011

On Feb 9 2011, Walter Smith wrote:

>I have bind/named running on Linux master and slaves. All is good, but
>now when I'm trying to clean up some old records - I realized that sorted
>zone on slaves are quite uneven. What I meant is, the $ORIGIN splits the
>zone into some unknown to me syntax/format. Is there anywhere I can find
>the description/documentation on it - How exactly slave parse the zone
>from master and puts all these arbitrary paragraphs with $ORIGIN.

Remember that what is transferred from the master to the slave is in
internal (binary) DNS format. The format that the slave writes it to
disc (unless you have specified "masterfile-format raw") is the same
as that which named-checkzone would generate with the options
"-D -F text -s relative".

As the named-checkzone man page says under "-s",

 The full format is most suitable for processing automatically by
 a separate script. On the other hand, the relative format is more
 human-readable and is thus suitable for editing by hand.

"More" does not mean "very", as you have noticed :-)

Chris Thompson
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