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Sun Feb 13 16:16:18 UTC 2011

On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 02:13:48PM +0100, Torinthiel wrote:

> On 02/13/11 12:52, Walter Alejandro Iglesias wrote:
> > It will be a web hosting sever.  I wrote my own web client
> > panel and my own bash scripts to automate the upload of new
> > client's virtual domains.  That's why I want to run my own dns
> > server; I want to be able to update the registers in my own
> > machine.
> you do know that you should have two SERVERS for your dns?
> Giving two different IPs for your box will work. but is a very bad idea.
> Even if everything else is on that machine, for some uses (eg. mail)
> having no DNS data is worse than having a failed server.

I read in forums about people that could run their own DNS
server at the same server they had their sites, that's why I
tried.  But I know (and I understand why) that the good
practice is to have two external DNS servers in different

> > Reverse zone
> > ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> > ; 11.22.33
> > $TTL	86400
> > @	IN	SOA (
> > 				2011011901	; Serial
> > 				8H		; Refresh
> > 				2H		; Retry
> > 				4W		; Expire
> > 				1D)		; Minimum TTL
> > @	IN	NS
> > @	IN	NS
> > 44	IN	PTR
> > 44	IN	PTR
> > 45	IN	PTR
> > 45	IN	PTR
> > 44	IN	PTR
> > 45	IN	PTR
> First, as stated before, I doubt if anyone will ask your server for that
> info.

Stop here, this is my obscure point: how do you get that your
dns be asked?  What do you need?  What must I ask to my isp
(my vps provider in this case) for?  What do you mean by "to be
designated nameserver for the IPs"?

> Second - what is the name of Is it
> AFAIK there can be only one PTR record.

Yes, I release of my mistake.  Just one domain for ip.

> > In case my configuration is OK,
> > what must I ask to my vps provider?
> Probably nothing. If you can dig/nslookup on your host from external
> hosts, then it looks they don't need to do anything.

This is exactly what a cannot do: to dig/nslookup from
external hosts.

Well, my goal (tell me if it is a fantasy:)) is to be able to
update automatically my registers.  I ignore the features and
flexibility of bind, perhaps I should change the strategy.
Could you give me some clue?  Can I use bind just as slave of
the external name server (being it godaddy's dns or my vps
provider's one)?

> Regards,
>  Torinthiel
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Thanks for answer me!

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