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You may consider using your own bind as a hidden master that will then
update a number of external DNS servers via notify. That way you fill in
what is to be in DNS and you have all needed diversity. This does not
remove the need to register all those nameservers for EACH name with the
registrar that has sold the name.

Probably your ISP is not involved with the forward DNS, for .com, maybe
Godaddy, for .dk it would be, for .sk it would be
somebody else. All depending on who registered the domain in question.

Reverse mapping will be your ISP, if they are willing. Most really don't
accept to do it, that usually depends on the price you pay.

On 13/02/11 17:16, Walter Alejandro Iglesias wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 02:13:48PM +0100, Torinthiel wrote:
>> On 02/13/11 12:52, Walter Alejandro Iglesias wrote:
>>> It will be a web hosting sever.  I wrote my own web client
>>> panel and my own bash scripts to automate the upload of new
>>> client's virtual domains.  That's why I want to run my own dns
>>> server; I want to be able to update the registers in my own
>>> machine.
>> you do know that you should have two SERVERS for your dns?
>> Giving two different IPs for your box will work. but is a very bad idea.
>> Even if everything else is on that machine, for some uses (eg. mail)
>> having no DNS data is worse than having a failed server.
> I read in forums about people that could run their own DNS
> server at the same server they had their sites, that's why I
> tried.  But I know (and I understand why) that the good
> practice is to have two external DNS servers in different
> locations.  
>>> Reverse zone
>>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> ; 11.22.33
>>> $TTL	86400
>>> @	IN	SOA (
>>> 				2011011901	; Serial
>>> 				8H		; Refresh
>>> 				2H		; Retry
>>> 				4W		; Expire
>>> 				1D)		; Minimum TTL
>>> @	IN	NS
>>> @	IN	NS
>>> 44	IN	PTR
>>> 44	IN	PTR
>>> 45	IN	PTR
>>> 45	IN	PTR
>>> 44	IN	PTR
>>> 45	IN	PTR
>> First, as stated before, I doubt if anyone will ask your server for that
>> info.
> Stop here, this is my obscure point: how do you get that your
> dns be asked?  What do you need?  What must I ask to my isp
> (my vps provider in this case) for?  What do you mean by "to be
> designated nameserver for the IPs"?
>> Second - what is the name of Is it
>> AFAIK there can be only one PTR record.
> Yes, I release of my mistake.  Just one domain for ip.
>>> In case my configuration is OK,
>>> what must I ask to my vps provider?
>> Probably nothing. If you can dig/nslookup on your host from external
>> hosts, then it looks they don't need to do anything.
> This is exactly what a cannot do: to dig/nslookup from
> external hosts.
> Well, my goal (tell me if it is a fantasy:)) is to be able to
> update automatically my registers.  I ignore the features and
> flexibility of bind, perhaps I should change the strategy.
> Could you give me some clue?  Can I use bind just as slave of
> the external name server (being it godaddy's dns or my vps
> provider's one)?
>> Regards,
>>  Torinthiel
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