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Bill Larson wllarso.dns at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 00:52:00 UTC 2011

On Feb 15, 2011, at 2:01 PM, Munroe Sollog wrote:

> I am investigating using the dlz-ldap driver to store my zone file in
> ldap.  Before doing so, it seems that the official driver page had  
> less
> than stellar things to say about the ldap driver.
> Is anyone using LDAP as a backend?  Are you happy with the  
> performance?
> Is there a future for LDAP and Bind?

I played around with DLZ using OpenLDAP.  (At the same time I worked  
with the MySQL DLZ drivers too.)  I work with Macintoshes mainly and  
LDAP is the standard way that the Mac manages information.  This seems  
to be a natural fit.

I would tell you, BIND using LDAP over DLZ simply sucks.  It is so  
horribly slow that it makes it unusable.  Running "queryperf" against  
this server made you wonder if there was something really wrong with  
the system.

I would state that BIND using an LDAP backend is a nice "proof of  
concept" but it does not make sense for any production system.

Bill Larson
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