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Thu Feb 17 02:23:04 UTC 2011

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On 02/15/2011 07:52 PM, Bill Larson wrote:
> On Feb 15, 2011, at 2:01 PM, Munroe Sollog wrote:
>> I am investigating using the dlz-ldap driver to store my zone
>> file in ldap.  Before doing so, it seems that the official driver
>> page had less than stellar things to say about the ldap driver.
>> Is anyone using LDAP as a backend?  Are you happy with the
>> performance?
>> Is there a future for LDAP and Bind?
> I played around with DLZ using OpenLDAP.  (At the same time I
> worked with the MySQL DLZ drivers too.)  I work with Macintoshes
> mainly and LDAP is the standard way that the Mac manages
> information.  This seems to be a natural fit.
> I would tell you, BIND using LDAP over DLZ simply sucks.  It is so
> horribly slow that it makes it unusable.  Running "queryperf"
> against this server made you wonder if there was something really
> wrong with the system.
> I would state that BIND using an LDAP backend is a nice "proof of
> concept" but it does not make sense for any production system.
> Bill Larson

That is somewhat disappointing.  Is there any hope that Bind10 will
make LDAP-backend support more feasible?  I took a look at some of the
docs for bind10 but nothing jumped out at me.
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