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Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Feb 23 22:28:01 UTC 2011

There are multiple ways to interpret that question.

Normally, a resolver either uses recursion (with a preconfigured set of 
forwarders) at a given point in resolving a particular name, or it 
follows the NS records in a delegation chain, non-recursively, in order 
to find the answer.

It wouldn't do *both*. A given query can't be recursive and 
non-recursive at the same time.

Possibly you are asking if it's possible for a nameserver which is 
delegated for a particular zone, to forward all queries for names in 
that zone to some other (private/internal) nameserver for resolution. 
The answer to that is "no", since the queries being received by that 
"visible" nameserver are expected to be *non-recursive*, and 
non-recursive queries are never supposed to be forwarded anywhere. You 
might, however, look into some sort of "DNS proxy" solution, if this is 
what you're trying to accomplish.

                     - Kevin

On 2/23/2011 7:29 AM, rams wrote:
> Hi,
> Could you please tell me how to set up for recursive server for NS 
> delegation records.
> It would be great if you give named.conf
> Thanks & Regards,
> Ramesh
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