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> Hello,
> I have most of this worked out but I intend to setup bind in a
> multiple master manner.
> This makes me question a few things:
> 1. What can I use for the SOA MNAME? In the off chance a box may die,
> I am thinking of using a VIP which contains the multiple masters
> within it. However I am not sure how this would affect NOTIFY. So can
> I use a VIP or do I just use one of the master DNS boxes in the SOA
> MNAME field?

You can use any authoritative for the zone name server. One of the masters
is good enough.

> 2. With that said, I intend to use rndc to push out DNS changes,
> should I worry about using a VIP still? I may need to use both and
> NOTIFY seems like it is more built-in so I want to keep rndc and
> NOTIFY going.
> How do you plan to replicate the zone data between the masters? At the
slaves you can just set few masters for each zone. For example:

zone "" {
           type slave;
           file "/var/named/";
           masters { master_ip_address; master_ip_address; ... };

When named receives NOTIFY for a zone it will check one by one the servers
from the "masters" list.

Hope someone has gone through this trauma.
> Thank you!,
> Zahid Bukhari
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