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Thu Jan 13 05:09:07 UTC 2011

Does anybody happen to know.....

With BIND 9, if the MNAME resolves to multiple A records and "notify yes" is specified, do notifies get withheld from all specified NS destinations that resolve to any of the addresses associated with the MNAME?  Or do notifies only get withheld from NS destinations whose fqdn's mnemonically match the MNAME field?

Has it been decided yet for BIND 10 how the multiple masters will be specified?

Will BIND 10 follow Microsoft's lead where the MNAME in each zone is set to match the server name on which the zone resides?  Or might the MNAME be allowed to have multiple A records to give dynamic DNS clients more than one choice?

Does anyone know how existing Microsoft DNS client code reacts to having the MNAME resolve to multiple A records?  What about non-Microsoft DNS client codes?

Does Microsoft DNS client code ever use any other DDNS target identifier other than the MNAME?  I know some old codes used the NS records and/or the client's resolver list, but it is my understanding that both of those techniques have been completely abandoned -- does anyone believe otherwise?  And are there any other techniques used by Microsoft that perhaps I've never heard of -- anyone know?

Does anyone have any other interesting information about BIND 10 with respect to multi-master dynamic zone functionality?


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