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On Jan 12, 2011, at 11:09 PM, Gordon A. Lang wrote:
> Does Microsoft DNS client code ever use any other DDNS target identifier other than the MNAME?  I know some old codes used the NS records and/or the client's resolver list, but it is my understanding that both of those techniques have been completely abandoned -- does anyone believe otherwise?  And are there any other techniques used by Microsoft that perhaps I've never heard of -- anyone know?

I believe Microsoft clients tend to try all three behaviors you've mentioned.

The last standard I read for this said that the SOA MName is to be used if and only if it corresponds to an NS record of the same name. Otherwise, a random NS record is to be chosen. Of course, many actual DDNS updaters ignore this, trying the MName host regardless of whether it has an NS record; this includes the nsupdate command itself.

However, ISC's dhcpd, at least version 3.1, follows the standard set forth above unless configured to do otherwise.

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