rndc addzone and file name

Peter Andreev andreev.peter at gmail.com
Fri Jan 14 13:19:09 UTC 2011

Now I see, I really was mistaken about addzone. Kalman, Alan, thank
you very much for explanation.
I think, I won't break working things and continue with includes and scripts :)

2011/1/14 Alan Clegg <aclegg at isc.org>:
>> You haven't understood. I have several includes within one default
>> view and I need to add zones to them. Different zones to different
>> includes. For me name of view doesn't matter.
> The zones added using "addzone" and removable using "delzone" aren't
> going to show up in your include files.
> They will be in the BIND created (and thus maintained) version.
> If you want to move your existing zones into "management" by BIND, you
> can create a zone using addzone (thus creating the crazy-named file),
> shut down BIND, move your zone definitions into the created file
> (removing them from their existing INCLUDED file) and then restart BIND.
> AlanC
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