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> <>Why the "net" zone has the glue for the servers
> which are in the "com" zone?
Glue refers to address records for name servers of delegated child zones,
when the names of those servers are subdomains of the delegated zone itself,
e.g., IN NS IN A

However, records in the additional section don't always correspond to glue
records contained in the delegating zone.  Servers may also return records
from other sources in their additional section, such as from other zones for
which they are authoritative.  Such is the case with the gTLD servers, which
are authoritative for net and com.  The address records returned for
ns{1,2} are not in the net zone, but they are "sibling" glue for
another zone delegated from the com zone.  That is, they are the names of
servers authoritative for a zone delegated from the com zone other than (ns{1,2} aren't among the authoritative server names

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