another question about the glue

PANG J. pangj at
Fri Jul 1 21:53:56 UTC 2011

于 2011-7-2 5:47, Casey Deccio 写道:
> However, records in the additional section don't always correspond to
> glue records contained in the delegating zone.  Servers may also return
> records from other sources in their additional section, such as from
> other zones for which they are authoritative.  Such is the case with the
> gTLD servers, which are authoritative for net and com.  The address
> records returned for ns{1,2} <> are not in
> the net zone, but they are "sibling" glue for another zone delegated
> from the com zone.  That is, they are the names of servers authoritative
> for a zone delegated from the com zone other than
> <> (ns{1,2} <> aren't among
> the authoritative server names for <>).

Thanks a lot, I got it now, thank you.


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