SPF implementation schedule.

Torinthiel torinthiel at data.pl
Tue Jul 12 08:39:31 UTC 2011

On 2011-07-12 10:07, kalpesh varyani wrote:
> Looking at zytrix and spf2 sites, it seems that SPF is yet to be
> implemented at functional level. RFC4408 documentation suggests method
> to implement SPF. However, I need to know if ISC is planning to provide
> support for SPF at client and/or server side.
> Will anyone from ISC like to comment?

I'm not from ISC as well, but as Eivind has already stated - BIND 
already supports EVERYTHING there is on DNS server/resolver side. It 
serves SPF records, allows to fetch them, and there's nothing more from 
DNS you can require. What remains is *mailserver's* side to query for 
said SPF records and act accordingly. And this does not belong to ISC, 
but to your mailserver's provider. Postfix can do this by external 
plugins, some others probably as well but I haven't tested it.

> On Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 7:42 PM, Eivind Olsen <eivind at aminor.no
> <mailto:eivind at aminor.no>> wrote:
>     kalpesh varyani wrote:
>      > Does ISC implement SPF for server or client side currently?
>      > If yes, then where to get the libraries; if not then what is the
>      > scheduled date/release for implementation?
>     I'm not ISC, and anything I say may be completely wrong. Ok, that's the
>     disclaimer done with...
>     BIND support for SPF extends as far as being allowed to put SPF records
>     into zones. As far as I know BIND does not have any libraries or
>     functions
>     to actually make much sense of the content of SPF records, which is what
>     I'm guessing you're really looking for.
>     Perhaps something like libspf (http://www.libspf2.org
>     <http://www.libspf2.org/>) is what you want?
>     Regards
>     Eivind Olsen

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