SPF implementation schedule.

Torinthiel torinthiel at data.pl
Tue Jul 12 09:23:53 UTC 2011

On 2011-07-12 11:07, almahmud at ranksitt.net wrote:
> Hi,
> I have fallen in problem with my  dns server. Some times , some specific
> domain can't resolve. From log report (/var/log/messages) i have given log
> for that.

And what does this has in common with the thread you've replied to?

> Jul 12 11:17:44 ns1 named[14948]: client query
> (cache) 'rankstel.net/MX/IN' denied
> Jul 12 11:17:45 ns1 named[14948]: client query
> (cache) 'rankstel.net/MX/IN' denied
> Jul 12 11:17:48 ns1 named[14948]: client query
> (cache) 'rankstel.net/MX/IN' denied

Looks like rankstel.net is delegated to two nameservers
  (see dig ns rankstel.net @e.gtld-servers.net.):

ns1.ranksitt.net. (which refuses to answer for it) and
ns1.rankstel.net. (which times out).
So, rankkstel.net is broken, you cannot do anything with it.

> Jul 12 11:17:49 ns1 named[14948]: client query (cache)
> 'era.com.bd/MX/IN' denied

And era.com.bd is delegated to ns2.ranksitt.net., ns1.ranksitt.net. and 
And I see three different answers from those servers. Only 
ns2.ranksitt.net seems to be configured correctly (But I haven't dig any 

Note, I've not tested it deeply, so it might be wrong.


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