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Wed Jul 13 14:43:34 UTC 2011

We have some nameservers :-) that are used by quite a few thousands of
people. Every now and then someone comes to us and complains that the
DNS is responding slowly. Sometimes they are right, and we find the
problem and fix it. But most of the time everything runs fine, and the
DNS is not, in fact, responding slowly when that someone comes to
complain. It turns out to be their PC, or a local network issue, or

So we have a homegrown system in place that watches the traffic to and
from the nameservers, matches queries to answers, ignores everything
else, and notes how long it was between the question going past and the
answer going past in the opposite direction. It writes summarised
information second by second into a database so we can see exactly when
problems with response times happen, how long they happen for, and how
bad they are when they happen.

Our system has two faults (well, two that we are actually concerned
about): It only watches UDP, and it can't deal with fragmented packets.

So I was wondering if there is a better solution out there?

Regards, K.

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