Clients get DNS timeouts because ipv6 means more queries for each lookup

Mark Andrews marka at
Fri Jul 15 00:57:47 UTC 2011

In message <4E1D3C05.7040606 at>, Jonathan Kamens writes:
> You seem to have a really big chip on your shoulder about people who run =
> broken DNS servers. I don't like them any more than you do. But I=20
> learned "Be generous in what you accept and conservative in what you=20
> generate" way back when I started playing with the Internet well over=20
> two decades ago. It holds up now as well as it did back then, and=20
> there's no good reason why it shouldn't apply in this case.

Perhaps I do, but it is with good justification. There is that much
garbage out there that it is hard to get answers back within the
2-4 seconds a client waits for a response.

There are broken servers out there.
There are misconfigured servers out there.
There are broken/misconfigured firewalls out there.
There are broken NAT boxes out there.
There are broken DNS proxies out there.
There are administrator out there that don't care.

What should be a clean straight forward request / response protocol
no longer is.

There are lots of workarounds built into recursive servers.  It got
to the point that its getting hard to add new workarounds without
breaking old workarounds or breaking good answer processing.

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