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Kerry Thompson kerry at
Wed Jul 13 21:19:26 UTC 2011

On Thu, 14 Jul 2011 01:27:48 +1000, Karl Auer <kauer at>
> More info to my question:
> dig and Nagios have been suggested as possible solutions.
> dig (and I suspect Nagios, which someone else mentioned) can only test
> resolution times from one point in the network, or maybe several, and
> using a very small number of tests.
> Our current system watches ALL queries and responses to and from the
> nameservers and summarises ALL the response times, regardless of where
> the queries came from. For every second of the day we can say what the
> average, minimum, maximum, etc response times were.
> We're looking for something that can do that, or something similar...
> Regards, K.

PasTmon can do that from the server side. It listens for network traffic
like tcpdump and shovels all of the packet timings into a Postgres database
with a nice front-end for graphs and analysis. I can't remember if the DNS
plugin has filtering for different query types ( e.g. A, PTR, etc ) but it
can probably be written without too much pain.


I've used it to solve web app performance problems, it should have no
trouble dealing with DNS.


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