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Thu Jul 14 07:28:01 UTC 2011

Karl Auer wrote:
> More info to my question:
> dig and Nagios have been suggested as possible solutions.

You can use any plugin targetting the plugin api to make that happen 
( While Icinga/Nagios 
will be doing regular active checks for single bind running hosts, you 
can also

* use passive checks to commit reported states (including freshness checks)
* use clustered checks targetting conditional states (2 out of 3 down -> 
critical notification, look at check_multi or similar)
* make sure to provide perfdata from the plugins, using things like 
pnp4nagios to create nice looking rrds out of that.

alerting, notifications, escalations and even event handlers (restart 
bind if dead) should also come to mind.

> dig (and I suspect Nagios, which someone else mentioned) can only test
> resolution times from one point in the network, or maybe several, and
> using a very small number of tests.

that's true, but you can use satellites in the outside world. running 
nrpe server or a mod_gearman worker client, this will help a lot to get 
an external view. and if combined into clustered checks, the overall 
(alerting) stage can be differently being set.

> Our current system watches ALL queries and responses to and from the
> nameservers and summarises ALL the response times, regardless of where
> the queries came from. For every second of the day we can say what the
> average, minimum, maximum, etc response times were.

Hmmmm, that sounds like logfile parsing and creating reports. That'll be 
something for using send_nsca to pass to Icinga/Nagios from the client. 
Maybe check_logfiles is sufficient?

If you happen to have that logged differently - like someone might 
expect that you are using a pcap based tool like nmsg or dsc - placing 
hooks over there, sending alerts to Icinga/Nagios would also be possible.

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