Patching bind for additional stats - any tips?

Alex Kolchinski kolchinski at
Tue Jul 19 01:13:55 UTC 2011

Hi everyone - I'm at Google and currently starting on a mini-project to get
some more insight into how our BIND servers are performing. Our first
thoughts on how to add logging on metrics we're interested in are currently
to patch BIND to spit out the wanted stats directly from BIND (data on each
query, perhaps aggregated). An alternative to this would be to try to match
the incoming and outgoing request and response packets and amass the data
from that, but our attempts at data gathering through sniffing have given
unreliable results. (One alternative I've stumbled upon is DSC - - but I'm not sure yet how
appropriate or effective it would be for our needs, so if anyone has any
thoughts, that would be much appreciated.)

I've never worked with BIND before, so I'm looking over the code right now
figuring out which approach is going to be the most effective and
straightforward. Does anyone have any experience with something similar
and/or suggestions on approaches or considerations to think about? It's
looking like if the patch is going to be the way to go, simply modifying
BIND's stats-outputting functionality should be a good way to extend what
statistics we're getting, although I'm not sure on that count either. Any

Thanks, everyone
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