Patching bind for additional stats - any tips?

Feng He shorttag at
Tue Jul 19 01:37:30 UTC 2011

Sounds a great project. I wish google's improved BIND is as well as gmail.


On Tue, Jul 19, 2011 at 9:13 AM, Alex Kolchinski <kolchinski at> wrote:
> Hi everyone - I'm at Google and currently starting on a mini-project to get
> some more insight into how our BIND servers are performing. Our first
> thoughts on how to add logging on metrics we're interested in are currently
> to patch BIND to spit out the wanted stats directly from BIND (data on each
> query, perhaps aggregated). An alternative to this would be to try to match
> the incoming and outgoing request and response packets and amass the data
> from that, but our attempts at data gathering through sniffing have given
> unreliable results. (One alternative I've stumbled upon is DSC

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