Patching bind for additional stats - any tips?

Peter Yardley petery at
Tue Jul 19 02:25:21 UTC 2011


I've written some middleware that takes the stats channel from bind and 
translates it to cacti/cricket/mrtg 
If you haven't looked at what the XML stats channel can give you should 
take a look at it in the Bind doco.

Another tack could be log analysis.

Nomium offer some free dns performance testing tools 

Alex Kolchinski wrote:
> Hi everyone - I'm at Google and currently starting on a mini-project to
> get some more insight into how our BIND servers are performing. Our
> first thoughts on how to add logging on metrics we're interested in are
> currently to patch BIND to spit out the wanted stats directly from BIND
> (data on each query, perhaps aggregated). An alternative to this would
> be to try to match the incoming and outgoing request and response
> packets and amass the data from that, but our attempts at data gathering
> through sniffing have given unreliable results. (One alternative I've
> stumbled upon is DSC - -
> but I'm not sure yet how appropriate or effective it would be for our
> needs, so if anyone has any thoughts, that would be much appreciated.)
> I've never worked with BIND before, so I'm looking over the code right
> now figuring out which approach is going to be the most effective and
> straightforward. Does anyone have any experience with something similar
> and/or suggestions on approaches or considerations to think about? It's
> looking like if the patch is going to be the way to go, simply modifying
> BIND's stats-outputting functionality should be a good way to extend
> what statistics we're getting, although I'm not sure on that count
> either. Any thoughts?
> Thanks, everyone
> -Alex
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