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>> BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is an Open Source
>> implementation of the Domain Name System protocols originally
>> developed by the University of California, Berkeley.
> It would not be ambiguous in French, where verbs terminations change
> for the plural :-) Let's switch to a better language :-)
>> I'm not sure, is it BIND or DNS protocols or both developed by
>> University of California, Berkeley?
> When developing the DNS, Paul Mockapetris was at USC (not UCB).
> BIND was developed at UCB

To completely answer the question, Paul did develop the DNS protocol
at the Information Sciences Institute (ISI), a IT think tank
affiliated with (owned by) USC and part of its School of Engineering.
ISI is really rather autonomous with it's offices off-campus (Marina
Del Rey, CA and Arlington, VA). The initial implementation of DNS,
Jeeves,  was written there and ran on the DEC TOPS10 operating system.
(Or, perhaps TOPS20. It was a long time ago.)

BIND was developed at UC Berkeley by the Computer Systems Research
Group who also developed BSD Unix from which all BSD flavors
developed. The primary authors of BIND v4.3(?) were four grad students
at UC.

See BIND on Wikipedia
( for more
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