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Sat Jul 23 17:13:49 UTC 2011

On 07/23/11 11:13, Vbvbrj wrote:
> On 23.07.2011 19:00, Lyle Giese wrote:
>> On 07/23/11 09:33, Vbvbrj wrote:
>>> On 23.07.2011 17:24, Lyle Giese wrote:
>>>> On 07/23/11 03:22, Vbvbrj wrote:
>>>>> Hello.
>>>>> I have a server at home, that runs Bind 9 dns and routes internal
>>>>> traffic to internet. Its working fine. When I'm out of home, I
>>>>> disconnect my home switch. In bind log appears "no longer listening on
>>>>>". After a return to home and connecting switch, BIND
>>>>> does
>>>>> not respond to internal lan for long time till BIND start
>>>>> listening. Or
>>>>> I have to reload BIND service or reload configs with rndc.
>>>>> How to tell BIND to not stop listening on cable disconnected adapters?
>>>>> Thank you
>>>> Why are you doing this? That is disruptive to the NIC inside the OS
>>>> and that gets passed on to BIND.
>>>> If you are just doing this for security reasons, disconnecting the
>>>> cable to your Internet connection might accomplish the same thing and
>>>> not be as disruptive.
>>>> Lyle
>>> I'm disconnecting all in-house electrical device except for my server
>>> and some devices. I'm doing this for electrical economy. So, the home
>>> switch is not used while I'm out, I disconnect it too.
>> Your server takes alot more power than a switch does.
>> Lyle
> When I'm out, I don't need the switch on. I may need the information on
> server.

Named was written to expect to connect to an assigned ip address by 
port(default TCP & UDP 53).  When booting a server, I have found that 
network services have to be up and availible or named when it starts and 
fails to find the ip addresses it's assigned to in /etc/named.conf, will 
fail to startup and just exit.

I consider this to be normal behavior.  Named says I am expected to 
provide services on port 53(tcp and udp) on these ip addresses, if I can 
not do that, I can not supply the services expected, so I will exit. 
When I experience this, it fails to find any addresses to attach to, not 
just fail to attach to one of several assigned.

Named was programed to work in a always connected environment. So when 
it's told that a network interface that it's attached to disappear, I 
don't think it' named's job to sit around and look for it to come back 
online.  That's not what it is expected to do in a normal environment.

Maybe you think that's a feature that should be added, but most of us 
don't need that.  We put named on a computer that is always on and 
always attached to all of it's assigned networks.  IMHO, that's just 
added fluff that is unnecessary and will add bloat to named.

Lyle Giese
LCR Computer Services, Inc.

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