link-local glue AAAA

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Sun Jun 5 23:43:46 UTC 2011

On 6/5/2011 9:07 AM, Peter Andreev wrote:
> Hi
> I'm puzzled a little - i see in my zone AAAA glue records with
> link-local addresses. I think it is not good, but no rfc mentions
> about link-local in glue.
> Could someone tell me best practices for link-local in glue?
Well, some things are so obvious we don't state them explicitly.

If an address is local *only* to a particular link, then it's not going 
to be useful for anyone else who doesn't happen to be on that link. 
Right? So why publish something that's useless to the vast majority of 
DNS consumers?

There is an *Informational* RFC (4472) which "outlaws" link-local 
addresses in DNS (Section 2.1), but you probably won't find anything in 
Standards Track due to the "obviousness" factor.

                                                 - Kevin

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