Core Dump File - cant see any error? Just ignore?

Juergen Dietl isclists01 at
Mon Jun 6 12:27:25 UTC 2011


i run bind 9.8.0-P1 with GSS-TSIG in a CHROOT-Enviroment without any errors
on our testsystem (SuSE Linux Enterprise 11)

I start it with the minus -g -d 10 option (and also without) and cant see
any errors. I tried it with strace -f and so far I can guess - no errors.

But when I stop bind I always see a core-dump file size about 40 MB.

I know I can set the size and the path manually but my question is:

Do a core dump file always mean that there is something wrong? Or can I
ignore this and just limit the size?

thanx a lot for your help,


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