bind restart needed to reflect changes to dynamic zone in multiple views

Evan Hunt each at
Fri Jun 24 16:39:49 UTC 2011

> Ahhhh.  I guess I had not considered how BIND handles "views" and that
> it's done with a separate process per view.  But I only have one named
> process, so I suppose it's threading for each view.

No, the views will all share the same process and thread(s), but they are
separate chunks of memory, and simulate being separate servers.

> Except that I only have the one process.  Any thoughts on how to do this
> in such a case?

You can specify the view in the reload command:

        $ rndc reload in external

You can also configure the zone in one view as a master and the one in the
other view as a slave; then reloading the master will automatically send a
notify to the slave.  This involves tsig keys and is kind of fiddly, but
works quite well (I run several zones that way on my home server).

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