Problems in views in a zone transfer

Luis Silva luisfilsilva at
Thu May 5 17:27:07 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I'm using bind as frontend solution and I have another server as backend and
I'm implementing zone transfer between the two (bind is the slave and my
server is the master). The problem is that I want to use dns views. Bind
supports it but my backend server is currently not supporting. I'm trying to
find a way for distinguish the zone transfer requests for each view. I have
two solutions:

My first solution is to distinguish based on the view transfer-source
IP:Port address (I think it is going to work).

My second solution (which would be great if it worked) is based on the zone
address that I'm sending in the request. For example, for view 1, I would
insert in the zone id something like this "" and for zone 2
"". My server would detect the zone and remove it answering
with just "". Do you think bind would accept this?

Many thanks,
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