Problems in views in a zone transfer

Jeff Pang jeffrpang at
Fri May 6 05:04:01 UTC 2011

2011/5/6 Luis Silva <luisfilsilva at>:
> Hi all,
> I'm using bind as frontend solution and I have another server as backend and
> I'm implementing zone transfer between the two (bind is the slave and my
> server is the master). The problem is that I want to use dns views. Bind
> supports it but my backend server is currently not supporting. I'm trying to
> find a way for distinguish the zone transfer requests for each view. I have
> two solutions:


using TSIG keys for zone transfer for multi-views, that works well.
My website,, currently has two nameservers.
One is in Atlanda, another is in Fremont, CA.
Each nameserver has four views.
The zone transfer between them is run with TSIG keys, all goes well.

Jeff Pang

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