Bind 9.8 chroot and gsstsig - what additional libraries do I need?

Juergen Dietl isclists01 at
Mon May 23 09:24:50 UTC 2011


I run bind 9.8 with GSS-TSIG in serveral domains with update-policy list for
secure updatesand all is working fine.

Before my bind was in a CHROOT enviroment. But with using GSS-TSIG it seems
to need a lot more libraries.
I tried to find them all with doing some straces but I do not really succeed
in finding all.

So my question:

Do anybody know what additional libraries or programs I do need for running
bind with GSS-TSIG in CHROOT enviroment.

I dont want to raise security with loosing security not to use the chroot
enviroment any more.

thanx for all your help.
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