Bind 9.8 chroot and gsstsig - what additional libraries do I need?

Tony Finch dot at
Mon May 23 11:32:05 UTC 2011

Juergen Dietl <isclists01 at> wrote:
> I run bind 9.8 with GSS-TSIG in serveral domains with update-policy list
> for secure updatesand all is working fine. Before my bind was in a
> CHROOT enviroment. But with using GSS-TSIG it seems to need a lot more
> libraries.

Did it stop working when you upgraded to BIND 9.8.0 or when you added
GSS-TGIS support? If you changed them both at the same time then the
problem might not be anything to do with GSS-TSIG. (If it is GSS_TSIG
then I don't know the solution.)

BIND 9.8.0 supports the GOST cipher, and OpenSSL implements GOST as a
loadable module. Try copying /usr/lib/engines/ into your chroot.

Alternatively you can rebuild BIND without GOST support. After running its
configure script, run
	perl -ni -e "print unless /HAVE_OPENSSL_GOST/" config.h
before running make.

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