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I would think named-checkzone would complain, but are you missing a new line after the last NS record?


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Subject: Subdomain Issue

Dear List,

Please help me out to investigate the below scenario .

I have one domain "<>"

$TTL 300
@       IN      SOA<>.<>. (

  2011110806      ; Serial Number
                                10800           ; Refresh after 3 hours
                                3600            ; Retry after 1 hour
                                604800          ; Expire after 1 week
                                300 )         ; Minimum TTL of 1 day
; Name servers
        IN      NS<>.
        IN      NS<>.
        IN      NS<>.

        IN    A
        IN    MX<>.
www        IN    CNAME<>.
a        IN    A
b        IN    A
test    IN    NS<>.
test    IN    NS<>.

named-checkzone<> < No Error

The moment I have done the "rndc reload<>", the domain and all subdomain were became not resolvable.

After commenting out below entries & rndc reload , all back to normal.
;test    IN    NS<>.
;test    IN    NS<>.

Please help me out on this issue.

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