CNAME logging

Mike Vallabh mike at
Wed Nov 9 02:16:21 UTC 2011


Is it possible to find out whether or not a CNAME is being used?
I'm using BIND 9.2.2-P1 and am currently logging everything I can think of.

logging {
   channel everything {
           file "/tmp/named_messages";
           severity debug 1;
           print-category yes;
           print-severity yes;
           print-time yes;
          } ;

         category default  {everything; };
         category queries  {everything; };
         category lame-servers { null; };

We literally have hundreds of CNAME records and I am trying to remove 
all the ones no longer required.
I realise I could just remove them and see what breaks but that wouldn't 
be very friendly.

Mike Vallabh
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