Re: BIND started several times at one time

Aleksander Kurczyk aleksanderkurczyk at
Wed Nov 16 00:19:22 UTC 2011

This will not be a server for public use. I just wan't to try make a configuration of two or more servers with zone transfers, master/slave, notify, etc. locally (on but on different ports). How can I do that? I have to install named several times or just start it with some options?

Dnia 16 listopada 2011 1:08 Chuck Swiger <cswiger at> napisał(a):

> On Nov 15, 2011, at 4:00 PM, Aleksander Kurczyk wrote:
> > Is it possible to run named several times at one time on one computer on one OS at different ports and with different config files? I would like to simulate multiple servers on one PC.
> It's possible, but unlikely to be useful without a NAT firewall redirecting connections from port 53 on different external IPs to different internal ports that named is listening on.
> (Only one named can listen on port 53, which is the place that clients will send DNS requests to.)
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Aleksander Kurczyk

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