Query zone expiration time

Hajducko, Steven steven.hajducko at digitalinsight.com
Thu Nov 17 06:20:19 UTC 2011

Yeah, that's if we wanted to bother recovering it. :)  Then there is the process of recovering the master conf file and setting up notifies and allows for all the slaves the old master had.

We're actually going to move the zones to our Infoblox system, which is why we wanted to determine if we had enough time or if we had to bother with the recovery, hence the question.

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> We had a master die and we've been meaning to move it off to a newer
> system.  We're trying to determine how much time is left on the zones in
> order to see if we can do it right or if we have to quickly recover the
> master.

Change the "type slave" to "type master" and comment out the "masters".

Then "rndc reconfig"

(assuming that the zone is written to disk).

If not, do a "dig zone axfr" and save the output to a file, THEN do the
above (while adding a "file" statement).

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