Basic Setting up request

Leon Moya leon at
Sun Oct 2 08:57:10 UTC 2011

Many thanks and apologizes for such a low level question.

I've installed Bind 9.8.1 on a machine running Windows XP Pro and this seems to be 
operating as expected when dealing with DNS requests (for outside addresses) from four 
other WinXP stations on the LAN.

The set-up process was courtesy of a Website article by author Alex Charrett, (My thanks to the author)

I'd now like (with help) to add resolution for an internal Apache WebServer, used for 
developing and testing web pages prior to FTP'ing to the Internet Host. The webserver is 
configured for a half dozen varying domain names and works correctly when tested against a 
"hosts file" on each of the  workstations.

While I realize that this is sufficient to get the job done, using Bind with be both "cool" as well 
as educational.

I have had a very brief encounter with Bind on Linux but this was some 12 years ago and I'm 
sure things have moved on quite a bit since then. As I remember from that time, there were a 
variety of separate config files for different functions but even though I've been making great 
use of Google, the over-load of information out there, has me more confused that ever.

A "sample" config file (called *zone.conf* I think) and an idea of how to tie this into the 
existing setup, would be just a great help.

Should I be supplying any further details?

Many thanks for your assistance.



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