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> I'd now like (with help) to add resolution for an internal Apache
> WebServer, used for developing and testing web pages prior to
> FTP'ing to the Internet Host. The webserver is configured for a half
> dozen varying domain names

No experience with MS-Windows, but, in BIND, you first declare
yourself authoritative for the zones of these names. Let's assume is such a name.

In named.conf:

zone "" {
        type master;
        file ""; // Choose the name at will

Test it with named-checkconf

Then, in the zone file (named after the zone, in my setup, but you're
free to have a different convention), assuming the name server is

; Low value, since it is used only for testing
$TTL 30

; Meta-data for the zone
@       IN      SOA (
                2011100101              ; Serial. Useless since we do not have secondaries
                         900         ; Refresh. Very low values, since it is testing
                          30         ; Retry
                          100         ; Expire
                          30 )       ; Negative Cache TTL

        IN      NS

; Actual data
www   IN   A

Test it with named-checkzone

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