DNSSEC not populating parent zone files with DS records

Raymond Drew Walker Ray.Walker at nau.edu
Wed Oct 5 23:56:20 UTC 2011

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Subject: Re: DNSSEC not populating parent zone files with DS records

>Raymond Drew Walker <Ray.Walker at nau.edu> wrote:
>> In testing, this pipe sets up the following for nsupdate which fails:
>Sorry, I forgot the TTL command. Adjust its value as you require...
>  dig +noall +answer dnskey $child |
>  dnssec-dsfromkey -f /dev/stdin $child |
>  (echo "zone $parent"; echo "ttl 3600"; sed 's/^/update add /'; echo
>"send") |
>  nsupdate -l

Thanks much, this makes much more sense.

>> Am I also missing somewhere in the RFC where NS records of children
>> need be populated in the parent? Is this something that has changed with
>> the addition of DNSSEC?
>No, it has always been an error. See RFC 2181 section 6. DNSSEC just makes
>the breakage more obvious.

After reading this, RFC1034, and conferring with the original implementor
of DNS at our institution, I have a better wrangle on the NS issue. Child
zone NS records were never populated in the parent because all zones were
under the same name servers, and "it just worked" (circa the early 90's.)
I mistakenly inherited on this understanding... until now.

As for better automation of DNSSEC, my research lends little to no
information on proper child/parent DS record population. I am curious
about how to properly deploy in the future.

My assumptions are the following:
-Sign a zone, then insert it's corresponding DS data into it's parent by
hand (nsupdate).
-Keep track of & update DS record data on a regular schedule. Potentially
via nsupdate, by deleting all DS record data in the parent zone for said
child, then inserting new DS records.

Yikes, I was hoping auto-dnssec would handle these tasks. ;) Am I missing
any elegant solutions?

Much thanks to the list for their insightful comments...

Raymond Walker
Software Systems Engineer Sr.
ITS Northern Arizona University

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