DNSSEC not populating parent zone files with DS records

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Thu Oct 6 01:04:32 UTC 2011

In message <CAB23998.B2F4%ray.walker at nau.edu>, Raymond Drew Walker writes:
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> Subject: Re: DNSSEC not populating parent zone files with DS records
> >Raymond Drew Walker <Ray.Walker at nau.edu> wrote:
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> >> In testing, this pipe sets up the following for nsupdate which fails:
> >
> >Sorry, I forgot the TTL command. Adjust its value as you require...
> >
> >  dig +noall +answer dnskey $child |
> >  dnssec-dsfromkey -f /dev/stdin $child |
> >  (echo "zone $parent"; echo "ttl 3600"; sed 's/^/update add /'; echo
> >"send") |
> >  nsupdate -l
> Thanks much, this makes much more sense.
> >
> >> Am I also missing somewhere in the RFC where NS records of children
> >>zones
> >> need be populated in the parent? Is this something that has changed with
> >> the addition of DNSSEC?
> >
> >No, it has always been an error. See RFC 2181 section 6. DNSSEC just makes
> >the breakage more obvious.
> After reading this, RFC1034, and conferring with the original implementor
> of DNS at our institution, I have a better wrangle on the NS issue. Child
> zone NS records were never populated in the parent because all zones were
> under the same name servers, and "it just worked" (circa the early 90's.)
> I mistakenly inherited on this understanding... until now.
> As for better automation of DNSSEC, my research lends little to no
> information on proper child/parent DS record population. I am curious
> about how to properly deploy in the future.
> My assumptions are the following:
> -Sign a zone, then insert it's corresponding DS data into it's parent by
> hand (nsupdate).
> -Keep track of & update DS record data on a regular schedule. Potentially
> via nsupdate, by deleting all DS record data in the parent zone for said
> child, then inserting new DS records.
> Yikes, I was hoping auto-dnssec would handle these tasks. ;) Am I missing
> any elegant solutions?

The really stumbling block is getting something to work with the
registrar/registry model that everyone can agree on.  Once that is
sorted out we well see the key managers start to use it.

> Much thanks to the list for their insightful comments...
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