Experience with DDNS (RFC 2136)

Alex Sharaz A.Sharaz at hull.ac.uk
Thu Oct 6 09:23:27 UTC 2011

I'm rolling out DDNS in conjunction with 802.1x/Mac authentication. When we role out network authentication in a building, I use IP address pools for the auth and unauth networks.
Auth network also uses DDNS to fwd/reverse register the host in an appropriate domain e.g. dhcp-a.b.c.d-<building-name>-dot1x.hull.ac.uk.

MAC auth for devices such as printers use DDNS to put device in printers.hull.ac.uk.

Non network auth buildings  use our old SQL database system with dns and dhcp config file builds /reloads etc


On 6 Oct 2011, at 10:16, Phil Mayers wrote:

> On 10/06/2011 09:44 AM, Jan-Piet Mens wrote:
> > [ pardon the possible duplicate ]
> >
> > I'm a fan of RFC 2136 Dynamic DNS and, if I think it appropriate for a
> > particular use case, sometimes suggest DDNS to customers. I often have
> > a hard time convincing people to use DDNS and am doubted regarding its
> > stability and/or performance.
> >
> > I'm looking for success (or failure) stories to back up my statement :)
> > For example, I seem to recall hearing the .COM zone uses DDNS for
> > updates (90 million records, isn't it?).
> >
> > Are you willing to share the stories of your DDNS deployments, maybe
> > including approximate number of zones, records, update frequencies,
> > etc.?
> It's a bit of a vague question really.
> We use DDNS to incrementally update our DNS zones from our SQL
> registration database. It works fine; there's really nothing to say
> about it beyond that.
> (However, a nice property of doing things this way is that, if using
> DNSSEC, you get incremental signing rather than have to bulk re-sign a
> potentially large zone)
> We don't do any client-initiated (or DHCP-server initiated) DDNS yet.
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