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Walter: I have compiled bind 9.8.0 on Ubuntu Natty on a number of VMs on ESXi 4.1 and 5.0. There have been no problems with either authoritative or recursive name services. The potential issues with NTP on virtual machines are, I think, not related. They have to do with the fact that the VM doesn't have access to the CPU all the time, so NTP sees large jumps in the clock periodically. Notwithstanding this, VMware now recommends using NTP rather than VMware Tools time synchronization for Linux guests. See for more details. Jeff.

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Hello folks,

I would like to setup latest BIND/named [slaves] within VMware environment - is there any implications I should be aware of?
Since I saw some issues running NTPd on VMware - thinking may be 'named' might have similar issues...


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