BIND master , Windows 2008 stub zone not transferring

Gregory Machin gdm at
Thu Oct 20 04:48:28 UTC 2011

We have a Linux server running bind 9.2.4 and dhcpd in a ddns
configuration.  We also have a number of windows 2008 R2 servers
running AD / DNS / dhcp on other sites. These windows servers have
stub zones configured, for the zones on the Linux server.

All worked fine up until yesterday.

Now none of the zones will transfer to the stub zones on the Windows
servers. From the windows servers I can use nslookup to do zone
transfers with out any issues. But in DNS mangers , on the stub zone ,
when I click one reload, or Transfer from Master, or Transfer new copy
from zone Master then result is the same "Zone Not Loaded by DNS
server"  there is nothing in the bind logs that relate to this server
or the zone transfer request. As far a I can see there are no firewall
issues or connectivity issues.

Any suggestions ?


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